The IDEAL In-House Training program support2

Welcome to Ideal Training. We consider user training to be among the most important factors in the implementation of Ideal Software integrated systems. We are proud to have an extensive alumnus of satisfied clients who have invested their valuable time training here at Ideal Headquarters in Meridian, MS. We believe you will find our In-House Training to be of tremendous value to you, your staff and most importantly, your business. It is our sincere intention that our training program will allow you to be more efficient in how you run your business.

IDEAL On-Site Training

Your system implementation comes to fruition through detailed system training and project review conducted by an Ideal Certified Installer™ (ICI). Your ICI will work closely with ownership, management, and key personnel to establish a high awareness level in all areas of system operation. To facilitate the learning process, small training classes are conducted and role playing is introduced to simulate real world scenarios. The goal of each ICI is to not only to convey system knowledge to our clients, but to mold and adapt each application to the way you do.